One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies are here and tastes yummy and will take you on a magical journey!! If you don’t want to chew on funky tasting mushrooms and want to ingest a tasty treat instead.

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ONE UP GUMMIES 2.5 GRAMS. Mushroom gummies. Mushroom edibles. While magic mushrooms are known for their hallucinogenic effects, they may also have a role to play in the treatment of some mental health problems.

Or they might, if they weren’t illegal in most states. Mushroom gummies.

The One Up brand has done it again with the One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies and they are amazing. The first to come out with psilocybin or magic mushroom gummies. If you don’t want to chew on funky tasting mushrooms and want to ingest a tasty treat instead.


This is the product for you!  Each bag or container consists of 2.5 grams of your favorite strain with a delicious kick! With these yummy psychedelic treats you can choose to either micro-dose or go on a full on magical journey. Either way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you focus and feel happiness or go on a magical journey.

Also, one Up Magic Mushroom Gummies comes in five awesome and delectable flavors. Try them out today! Psilocybin can help with depression, hardcore drug addiction.

In particular, elders that are experiencing a cognitive decline from ageing might find it beneficial to try psilocybin. Mushroom edibles.


Also studies are confirming that traditional medicines such as psilocybin and other psychedelics are powerful tools in the battle against PTSD, stress, anxiety and addiction. 

Micro dosing is also in vogue with Silicon Valley brainiacs who seem to be a step ahead of the rest. Mushroom capsules can be paired with other nootropics safely. 



We recommend micro-dosing cycles. People are unique, but generally; we have noticed positive results in taking 4 days of micro-doses and then 3-5 days off in between the next cycle. Also if you are new to micro-dosing, please follow our instructions for an optimal experience.

One up gummies 25 grams per capsule. In comparison to a full dose of magic mushrooms, this is about a 10th of what most adults would consider a full dose. This is a  purely medicinal product.


Given the small amount of active ingredients in each capsule, the effects should be quite minimal, if noticeable at all


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